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Yorkie​house Parti Yorkies

AKC Soulreal Parti Yorkie Tennessee

Song of "Soulreal"

AKC Soulreal is a bred by Yorkiehouse. He is a beautiful dark rich coloring. We are excited t​o see his future puppies. 

He weighs 3 1/2 lb's.

Macchiato Parti Yorkie Tennessee

Macchiato Man Of Yorkiehouse

Macchi is our newest addition to Yorkiehouse !

This little tiny 3 lb. boy is producing us the most beautiful baby faced babies here at Yorkiehouse !

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds of Yorkiehouse

Lucy is a bred by Yorkiehouse. 

She is 6.5 lb.s and has a gorgeous coat. 

Josie Jane Of Yorkiehouse

Josie is 6.5 lb.;s with a beautiful thick silky coat. 

She is from all of my older Parti lines so I am happy to have her as a new breeder here at Yorkiehouse. 

Summer Parti Girl Yorkie Tennessee

Golden Summer of Yorkiehouse

Summer is our new Sable Parti girl. She produces her color in her puppies. 

Gypsy Parti Yorkie Tennessee

Stevie's Gypsy of Yorkiehouse

Gypsy is a bred by Yorkiehouse ! We look forward to seeing what she produces towards the end of this year. 

Whinny Parti Yorkie Tennessee

Whimsical Pearl of Yorkiehouse "Whinny"

Whinny is an exquisite example of the blended Parti colors. Whinny is bred by Yorkiehouse. Her Sire is "Moody Blue Asher of Yorkiehouse" and her Dam is "Taylor Made Parti with Carmel". She weighs 5 lb.'s

Stella Bell Parti Yorkie Tennessee

Stella Bell of Yorkiehouse

Stella is another exceptional example of the Parti color. The beautiful Stella Bell hails from Stud "Parti Sparky" & Dam "Parti Alisha". 

She weighs 5 lb's.

Shayla white parti yorkie Tennessee

Shayla of Yorkiehouse

Shayla is a Parti Yorkie that has the sweetest personality.

She weighs 8 lb's.