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We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality pedigrees as well as an equally outstanding level of cleanliness, professionalism, and care. YorkieHouse has had numerous certified show dogs and outstanding blood lines. When you take one of our beautiful puppies home with you, your house will become a YorkieHouse too.

Parti Yorkie History

Many skeptical Yorkie owners and breeders absolutely refuse to believe that the Parti colored Yorkie is anything other than a recent “behind the kennel bred” mutt. They say: “There is NO white gene in our Purebred Yorkies” or “There is NO record of any Yorkie ever breeding to a white or​ Parti colored dog” or “NO show breeder who’s been breeding and showing for 30 or 40 years, has ever produced a Parti colored Yorkie.” I’m going to try to educate people on color genetics, recessive genes and how the Parti gene remained hidden in the Yorkshire terrier breed for years.